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Thieves® Household Cleaner – one of Dr. Forsyth’s Favorite Things! January 30, 2013

For floors countertops and soooo much more.  Thieves® Household Cleaner is quickly becoming one of my favorite things that I use in my veterinary practice.

Thieves Household Cleaner and several other awesome products from the Thieves line.

Thieves Household Cleaner and several other awesome products from the Thieves line.


This cleaner is a suspension of safe surfactants (wetting agents) and Thieves® essential oil (a proprietary blend of 100% pure Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ essential oils of clove [Syzygium aromaticum], lemon [Citrus limon], cinnamon bark [Cinnamomum verum], eucalyptus [E. radiata] and rosemary [Rosmarinus officinalis CT cineol].


The first time I used it was for fleas. This cleaner is great for bathing animals that have a flea problem.  It quickly kills any living fleas and does it all in a manner that is nontoxic – this stuff is so safe you can even drink it. If diluted, Thieves® Household Cleaner can even be used as a leave-on dip that will help to continue repelling fleas from a pet.


Chin acne in cats can also be treated with Thieves® Household Cleaner. I have mixed up a very dilute solution of the cleaner (about 1 capful of the cleaner mixed with distilled water in an 8 ounce spray bottle) combined with some other essential oils like Lavender and Copaiba to make a spray that can safely be used several times a day to help prevent those blackheads on the chin that cats are so prone to develop.

Can you find the scar?  This wound healed much faster than usual with using the Thieves Household Clean - and there is barely a mark left after 3 weeks.

Can you find the scar? This wound healed much faster than usual with using the Thieves Household Cleaner – and there is barely a mark left after 3 weeks.


Most recently I used Thieves® Household Cleaner to treat a severe bite wound on a dog – my own dog, Seaweed. This wound was on his chest and there was a deep hole into his muscle accompanied by some skin that had been pulled away from his body wall. Now my chihuahua is a very sensitive guy and he screams with just the anticipation of pain so I was prepared for the worst the first time I used it.  I diluted the cleaner until it looked like weak lemonade and proceeded to flush his wound – not a peep – I was amazed.  Clove which is one of the ingredients in the cleaner has been used by dentists for ages to help control dental pain and it’s this ingredient that I think made the wound flushing tolerable.


It’s also important to note that this is an excellent household cleaner. So many of the products we use are toxic to us and even more toxic to our pets. This happens in part because they are essentially walking around in bare feet and constantly having there skin exposed to the chemicals we use in our everyday cleaning. Thieves® Household Cleaner can be used for degreasing, floors, walls, upholstery, fabrics, carpet spot cleaning, general carpet cleaning, glass, pots & pans, hand cleaner, etc … .  I even use it for my fruit and vegetable cleaning now.


To sum it all up, no home should be without Thieves® Household Cleaner. It’s good for keeping everything clean and good for your and your pet’s health.

Peace, love, and plenty of tail wags~

Jennifer Forsyth, VMD


My favorite essential oil products January 27, 2012

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My Favorite AromaDog Products

There are a lot of wonderful and safe products that utilize essential oils.  My favorites all come from AromaDog.  They also have terrific cat products (AromaCat) that utilize hydrosols instead of essential oils which are much safer for use in cats.  Aromadog has been creating their amazing products since 1998 and they care so much about the quality of their product that they even give the bottles some Reiki before they are sent out so that they are instilled with good intentions.  (Just a little aside about how our intentions can affect water: This video shows some of the crystal patterns produced when Masaru Emoto subjected different water samples to both good and bad thoughts – fascinating stuff)


To help my kids smell better, I use Ladies Man or She Devil.  Both come in sprays and soaps and they smell delicious with the one for the gents being spicy and clean while the one for the ladies has delicate floral notes.  And neither have that annoying (to people and pets) overwhelming perfumy smell.  For those unwanted doggy odors in my house or car I use I Don’t Stink So.


For parasite control I use Flea Flicker (the cat product is Scat! No Fleas) every day when the weather is warm and there is a potential for my dogs to get fleas or ticks.  And if my dogs do end up with a tick, I put a drop of Lyme Blaster on at the site where I removed the tick once a day until redness and swelling is gone (I usually only have to do it once on the first day).


And let’s not forget about our pet’s oral hygiene and take care of their teeth.  I use Bluto’s Yummy Gum Brush (the cat product is Purrly Whites) to keep my dogs gum tissue healthy and it really makes them all perfect for smooching.


Two products that I love to use while I’m at work are Chill-Out for the dogs and Cat Nap for the kitties.  These sprays really help to relax all of my nervous patients before they get their exam – and my clients swear that it also helps them to relax.  I use Chill-Out for my Dogue de Bordeaux, Margaux, during long car rides where she has a little bit of anxiety.  And it definitely relaxes my Chihuahua, Seaweed, during his thunderstorm phobia.  This would also be appropriate to use for dogs that have to deal with separation anxiety or other stressful situations.


For skin issues I use Hot Spot for any moist and red lesions that my dogs develop.  For minor cuts and scratches, my alternative to triple antibiotic ointment is Quick Fix for the dogs and Meow Ouch for the cats.  And there is also I Itch Not which helps with can help relieve itching – especially itching related to allergies.


As a veterinarian, I see a lot of coughing puppies and snotty kittens.  When I was raising a litter of puppies (their mom was dumped at the local animal shelter a week before she was due to whelp) they developed a mild cough.  Cough Drop saved they day for my coughing snotty nosed puppies and saved me from having to put them on antibiotics.  Immewnity Chest is the equivalent for my feline friends.


A cautionary note: if you have a sick dog or cat, always have them examined by a veterinarian as these products are not a substitute for proper diagnosis and treatment.


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