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Contact Me February 4, 2012

The phone number phone at  Marmalade & Mobile Vet  is (856) 375-1314.  You can also use this number as a fax.  Or you can send an email to

Give us a call today to schedule your pet’s appointment.



4 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Joanne Faccenda Says:

    Hey Jenn,
    Do you happen to know of any avian, rescue or re-hab places.
    My friend who lives in Shamong has been feeding a turkey buzzard for the last few months. He has an injured wing.
    Cedar Run is willing to take him but she needs to capture and bring herself. They gave her the name of some guy In Mt. Holly but he will not give her a price.
    She and her daughter have rescued about a zillion cats and pay for spaying etc. for all of them.
    She is over 70 and needs to watch her budget.
    Cedar Run suggested putting a blanket over him or trapping him using a huge dog crate. So far it has been a failed attempt. He is able to go up into a tree at night.
    Any names or numbers would be appreciated.
    Good luck with your new business venture and let me know when you get some cards or flyers. etc.

    Joanne F.

  2. Joanne, I have no idea as I was going to say call Cedar Run. Maybe this website can help:

  3. MaryHitchner Says:

    Dear Jennifer:

    Good to hear you have found a position.

    Mary Hitchner

  4. Marla Bozarth (Varg) Says:

    Hello Dr. Jenn, I hope you are doing well. I have a question about dog food. Well, you know Varg has allergies. But that has nothing to do with this question, He was diagnosed as having thyroid problems. He is on meds. His weight was up to 176.. he lost 6 pounds, then gained it back. I have been very stressed out over it. Last week I was walking for over an hour 3 times a week. He was so tired, he laid in the crate for 3 hours. I thought he died. I could out waken him.. He now weighs in at 169.6 They have him on Purina Om.. Do you reccommed another food?Talk about costly..I give him string beans when he appears to be hungry. I really want him to go swimming, but where? I went to Cyrus (spelling) Park in Mantua,, but the water there was green and slimy. I was hoping that in your travels you heard of a safe place. I’m happy to see where you are practicing, I think I will call the office to find out prices.. Ken’s place of employment closed 3 weeks ago without any warning.. He needed to rest a little, his right arm is paralyized from a car accident we had last year. It never ends. Good luck with your new job

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