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Robo Jerry (I know he looks real, but Jerry is a really a high tech robot) March 9, 2012

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Just in case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing this past week …


"Robo Jerry" - a life-like dog CPR robot


I was at the Penn Conference attending lectures on cardiology, ophthalmology, pain management, and emergency medicine.  The best part was Robo Jerry!  I had a lab this afternoon where I got to practice my life saving CPR skills on a robot named Robo Jerry.  I participated in two cardiac arrest scenarios: the first “dog” was an older German Shepherd Dog that collapsed from heart disease and the second “dog” was a one year old Pitbull that was hit by a car.  I was able to  perform CPR, inject life saving drugs, charge up the defibrillator paddles, and yell “clear.”  And all on a life-like mannequin that has a heart beat, breathes, and has a pulse.  Very cool!


You’ll be happy to know that both of my “dogs” were resuscitated successfully 🙂


peace, love, and plenty of tail wags ~


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