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Valentine’s Day – A Love Story February 14, 2012

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Macy eating her Valentine's Day Pupcake


Foreword (AKA more of Dr. Forsyth’s philosophies): Valentine’s Day is all about love.  And I’m sure some of you out there haven’t bought anything for your sweetheart yet.  Here is my suggestion to all of you last minute shoppers: give some love to a homeless dog or cat!  Just think of how awesome you will be when you come home with a dog or cat that just needed a home … just needed some love.  You would be the best boyfriend or girlfriend ever!  And if you can’t adopt, forget about the cliché dozen roses and/or bottle of champagne.  Give your sweetie a card with a message about how you love them so much that you just couldn’t spend $50 on roses that would be dead in a week or bubbly that would be gone in an hour, but instead donated that money to an animal rescue to help give a pet some love.  Please join me in donating $50 today to Street Tails Animal Rescue (you can use the STAR logo over to the right) or your own local rescue group.  


After making my pupcakes this past Sunday, I packed up the extras and headed over to Street Tails Animal Rescue (STAR) to “feed the homeless.”   They had a table set up for children to make Valentine’s Day cards for the dogs in the rescue.  And I let the kids feed each rescue dog a Valentine’s Day pupcake … it was unbelievably cute!

Making Valentine's Day cards at STAR


So onto the love story that you’ve all been waiting for…

Peter and Teeny - what a cute couple


Peter and his main squeeze, Teeny, are a bonded pair of beagles.  They were adopted together 7 years ago and had a loving home up until several weeks ago when their owner passed away.  Peter is a very cool dog.  He is the more outgoing of the pair and he is super gentle.  He loves to snuggle and sit in your lap to be petted.  Teeny is a little more shy, but still a sweetie.  My wish for Valentine’s Day is that this cute couple find their forever home where they will have a warm bed to sleep in every night, yummy food to eat, and most importantly – love.


I think this Valentine’s Day card (the smaller one in the corner) that was made by one of the kids at STAR this past Sunday says it all:


I’m beggin’ you to be mine! Woof

Valentine's Day card for Teeny at STAR


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