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Street Tails – Maximus January 25, 2012

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Street Tails - Maximus the Bull TerrierThis is Maximus.  He is a very sweet Bull Terrier and I’m guessing that he is one year old.  He is the type of dog that would be great to come home to, pop open a can of beer, and spend the rest of the night on the couch watching some football – or some reruns of the original Beverly Hills 90210 (or maybe I’m just dating myself – having grown up with the Bud Light Spuds MacKenzie commercials).  Maximus has a great bark (but he isn’t what I’d call barky) and will keep anybody feeling safe from pesky home invasions.

Please fill out an adoption application for him on the Street Tails website.


2 Responses to “Street Tails – Maximus”

  1. andrea fenner Says:

    Did you meet him??? Does he like other dogs?

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