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Bubba – the newest Street Tails adoptee January 17, 2012

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This is Bubba, he’s the latest Street Tails rescue.  This guy is super sweet and affectionate – and his mohawk is adorable!  I saw him today and he is now officially neutered, vaccinated, heartworm disease free, and up for adoption.  I’m guessing he is around one year of age and that he’s a Dachshund Terrier cross.  If you are interested, fill out an adoption form on the street tails website.

Bubba (Dachshund Terrier cross)


3 Responses to “Bubba – the newest Street Tails adoptee”

  1. Dara Says:

    …and he has a little tuftie on top of his head. Very, very cute.

  2. xworkinprogressx Says:

    Realize I am late to the party, but has Bubba found a forever home?

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